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My name's Sue and this is my site. See me here in my mini skirt, my Hawaiian skirt, then completely nude. Finally I open my legs as wide as I can so you can see my pussy. I've got lovely big fat pussy lips. Long ago I discovered I love of the taste of jizz. This means I'm obsessed with going down on men (a blow job as the English more ususually say). I am a connoisseur of cock sucking and swallowing that delicious juice. Having given head to men from many countries I decided to make it my hobby - that of swallowing cum from every nation, much as some girls like to say collect dolls from every country! I swear I can usually tell which country a man is from from his taste! My girlfriends won't believe me, so I'm setting out with my challenge to prove them wrong (that's even though some of them admit what I know for sure- that vegetarians tastes sweeter).

I've had this site set up to give men a taste of me before I get a taste of them! I find it helps to attract men to contact me so I can pursue my hobby. Its important to me that my liaisons with men be fulfilling, best achieved by my lover cuming in my mouth several times. If a man's seen me nude before we meet, I know he'll be well turned on and will please me well in bed. I'm more turned on when I meet a man for the first time to know he's already seen me nude, with my legs open, showing my big fat pussy lips. I have to know that he's been looking at pictures of me with my legs open, whilst masturbating. That's why I prefer men to contact me from the link within this site.

Also I'm a complete exhibitionist. So it really turned me on to have these pictures taken, to know that thousands of men would be seeing me completely nude. Before I became an airline hostess I worked part time as a stripper. I had to keep my past quiet when I got my new job, because airlines are rather old fashioned about that sort of thing! My new work is ideal for me to follow my pastime, but it was a shame having to give up the stripping. When I'm staying overnight in a hotel room and I meet a new lover, I just have to put on a free strip to get the thrill I got from my old job.


So if you like the look of me, contact me from within the site (so I know you've already seen me nude). When I read your mails, I'll be fingering myself, imagining you cuming on my face! And all those men (and ladies and couples) whose emails I particularly like, I'll reply to telling them how we can meet.

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This site contains sexually explicit images. Those under 18, or those easily offended should not enter.


Enter to see me topless, in my
Hawaiian skirt and nude


I am under 18 or easily offended, let me out!

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