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In school uniform, taking her blouse off
Stockings and body stocking

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The dirt track where you see me taking my bikini bottom off reminds me of one day when I was stripping for some of the boys at school. A lot of the girls thought I was a complete slut - they used to give me a hard time. Because they were jealous - I had plenty of money and I was getting fucked before I'd left school - many of the other girls were still virgins.

You see I was taking the boys pocket money in return for me stripping for them. There was a dirt track near the school where hardly anyone ever went. So some of the boys used to go there with me at lunch time sometimes and I'd take all my clothes off for them. Even though it was quite, it was very risky, and of course one day I got caught. I'd gone with three boys and they'd already given me their dinner money. I did a slow strip (without music of course) while they watched and stroked their cocks. My school uniform was just like the one you see me wearing in the pictures. I'd slowly unbuttoned my white blouse and taken it off - there's a picture that sets the scene well above. I was about as well developed then as now, so I cupped my breasts with my bra still on. Next I slowly undid the button and zip at the back of my short school skirt and let it drop to the ground. Now I was standing in just my bra and panties.

As happens with young boys, one of them got too excited too early and shot his load. It got me even more turned on my self watching his semen pumping out. There was gallons of it. I think he was a little embarrased to cum so quickly, but he carried on stroking his dick and soon it was as hard as the others again.

Now I reached up behind my back and undid my bra. I slowly removed it, revealing my breasts bit by bit like a professional stripper or lap dancer. Soon I was standing there topless in front of these boys with just my white shool panties on. I was getting really wet and they were wanking while they stared at my naked breasts. Then one of the male teachers, a really horny looking one, turned up...

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Please note the above story is fictional, and the model featured was over 18 when the pictures were taken

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