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Schoolgirl Sally

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No panties and legs open wide

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The poor boys shot off so quickly (and I'm not talking about cumming here). They ran off into the woods, desperatly trying to stuff their erect penises back into their pants while they ran. I just froze. My hands dropped from where they'd been cupping my naked breasts. I fealt so embarrased, standing their topless in just my white school panties in front of this sexy gym teacher.

He smiled at me. He told me we could keep this as our little secret, but there's be a forfeit. I had to finish the strip, open my legs, and finger myself to orgasm while he jerked himself off. I didn't need asking twice, so that's exactly what I did. He got his large and growing larger cock out of his pants and started jerking off. I slowly slid my white school panties down until they were round my ankles. Now I was standing completely naked in front of him except for my white schoolgirl socks, shoes and my panties round my ankles. I stepped out of my panties and sat down on the dirt. I opened my legs and finger fucked my soaking wet pussy while he stared at my naked body and jerked himself off. I orgasmed just as he shot his sticky load in the air. In fact he came even quicker than the boys used to!

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Please note the above story is fictional, and the model featured was over 18 when the pictures were taken

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