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Hello, my name's Carolina. I'm 21 years old, and until recently I was living and working in Lima, Peru. I was working as an escort, and that's how I met the photographer who took these pictures.

Like many girls in Latin America, I dreamt of travelling to a rich country like Britain, and thanks to him, that's where I am now.

I love sex, and working as an escort was earning me pretty good money in a country where as a waitress I might earn say, £500 ($900) a year. When you like fucking as much as I do, why not get paid to do it? Now I'm here in London, I'm earning a hell of a lot more (and getting fucked even more, as well)!

Jim (name changed to preserve his identity) agreed to pay me $50, which is way more than most Peruvian men can afford to pay. While we were indulging in some really enjoyable foreplay, he explained to me how in return for an extra service from me, he'd take some photos of me, set up this web site, then help me get a visa to come to England.

The extra service was to come all over my tits. Peruvians just want to pay their money and fuck me. Some want me to give them head as well. I'd not been working as an escort for long, and no one had asked me for that particular service yet. To be honest, I'm a kinky slut, and the idea of having a man's jizz sprayed all over me

actually turned me on a bit! Jim couldn't believe his luck when I agreed. In fact I might not have let him, but I was excited about his offer of coming to Britain (and hoping he wasn't trying to con me- glad to say he wasn't).

As it turned out, I loved the feeling of being used like that, and I'm

more than happy to let generous men do the same thing again to me.

So here I am in London now. In the day I'm a student doing business studies (much as I like getting paid to fuck, one day I'll be too old to be an escort). At night I entertain generous men.


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